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pronounced:like “Badger”, but Good!



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GPG Public Key

Here is my GPG 1.x public key. The keyID is 1024D/1D45C68B and the fingerprint for this key is

A082 2190 294A AA24 2832  1B50 AEA2 0F8C 1D45 C68B

“GPG” and “GnuPG” both stand for GNU Privacy Guard, a tool for secure communication and data storage via strong encryption. GNU Privacy Guard is a free (as in freedom, as well as no cost) implementation of OpenPGP.


This is what I look like, more or less. Click on a photo below to get the high-res version... if you dare!


Photo by Dan Ryder © 2009, CC BY-NC (photo taken at PyCon 2009)