Dave’s Home Poker Cash Game Rules

Updated 2020-03-01.

We use “Robert’s Rules of Poker, version 11” as the basis of our house rules, as applicable, and as modified by the clarifications and exceptions that comprise the remainder of this document. We typically play No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

I am a member of the “Minneapolis Rounders” poker meetup group. My home games are posted on the group’s calendar, and seat reservations are available through the group. Membership is free, and there’s no charge for games — and no rake! The Rounders Rules & Etiquette also apply.

Have Fun!

Poker is a game, and games should be fun, win or lose.

Only play poker with money you can easily afford to lose.

Hold no grudges.

Bottom line: if you’re not enjoying yourself at the poker table, maybe you should stop for a while and do something else that you find enjoyable. If you are having fun, great — let’s play!

Friendly & Fair — With Common Sense

We aim to play a friendly, fair game. People sometimes make mistakes. When an irregularity that is material to the game arises it will be discussed and, if possible, resolved using common sense in the spirit of fairness. If agreement cannot be reached quickly and amicably, these rules are the final word.

Home Game: Reservations & No-Show Policy

This is a home game. You are a guest in a private home, so please act accordingly.

When you reserve a seat at a game, you commit to playing in that game.

Can’t play? You MUST inform the host ASAP

Reserving a seat then not showing up hurts the game and is disrespectful to the host and to the other players. If something comes up and you can’t play, you MUST inform the host ASAP. Failure to do so risks not being welcome in future (e.g. your reservation may be bumped or deleted). Life happens, but no-shows can prevent other willing players (i.e. people on the waiting list) from playing and can shorten games — very uncool.

In a cash game, it’s okay to join the game late. Just be sure to let the host know of your plans (and changes to plans!) ASAP.

The host reserves the right to prioritize reservations and give preferential treatment.







When no further action is possible after one or more players are all-in:

The Showdown