DVD Easter Eggs

Hidden features in David Goodger’s DVD Collection

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Many of these easter egg descriptions come from The Easter Egg Archive, EEGGS.COM, and from DVDEasterEggs.com (which is currently recovering from a server crash).



Go to the “Special Features” menu and press [Up] (or highlight “Main Menu” and press [Down]). The blood splatter above the words “Special Features” will be highlighted. Press [Enter] to see a 7 minute featurette with the director, author Frank Miller, and producers talking about the struggles to adapt the graphic novel to film. Includes a proof-of-concept battle scene.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension!

  1. If you select the middle Jet Car image on the first menu screen, you will be able to scroll through a selection of quotes from Doctor Banzai.
  2. If you select the yellow circle in the top left corner of the first menu screen, you will be able to scroll through 36 alternate DVD menu designs.
  3. If you select the Banzai Institute logo on the Banzai Institute Archive Menu screen, you will be able to scroll through two alternate DVD cover designs.
  4. If you select the watermelon image on the first Deleted Scenes Menu screen, you will be taken to an article called “Food from the Skies?” which discusses why the Banzai Institute was putting watermelons in high gages.
  5. If you select the BB logo on the second screen of the “Food from the Skies?” article, you will be taken to a video clip of W.D. Richter called “Why?” where he discusses watermelons and shows a recipe for Chicken in a Watermelon.

  1. Go to the Special Features menu, page 1, and access the list of Deleted Scenes, Page 1. While looking at the first list of 8 of the 14 deleted scenes, maneuver to highlight the [SPECIAL FEATURES] box at the bottom middle of the screen. Then push Left to highlight the Watermelon. Press Enter now and a text screen comes up: a made-up newspaper article about Perfect Tommy’s experiment with dropping watermelons from the sky to relieve world famine. Press the [More -> ] box at the bottom to access the 2nd page, and go on to the 2nd Easter Egg.
  2. On the 2nd page of the news article, on the bottom left you will see a “BB” (Buckaroo Banzai) logo. Move the cursor Right to the [ <- Back] box and then Up to the “BB” logo and press enter. You will then see a brief interview about the whole watermelon question, and a bit about a recipe for “Chicken in a Watermelon”!
  3. Finally, return to the main Special features menu and go to Page 2 of it. Access the area called “Banzai Institute Archives”. On the bottom left you will see another “BB” logo, this time in a circular seal. Go down to the [Special Features] box at the bottom right of the screen, and then move the cursor Right to highlight the Seal. Pressing Enter while here will display two alternate Cover Art Inserts for the Buckaroo Banzai DVD that were discarded prior to selecting the one used. Interestingly, neither of the two displayed are the one that MGM circulated just before upgrading the Buckaroo Banzai DVD to “Special Edition” status and delaying it’s release until Jan. 2002; so there’s at least one more alternate DVD cover not shown in this Easter Egg!

In the main menu of the DVD, there are 3 jet cars at the top of the menu, move your cursor so that the middle on is highlighted and enter into the quotes section of the DVD.

Per the “Quotes” egg, move your cursor up to the middle of the three jet cars at the top of the screen. (This is not as obvious as it seems -- it takes a move left from the top menu item.) Now, move the cursor left or right -- a large “light” or “knob” at the upper left of the screen will turn green with the highlight. Hit OK/Enter/whatever your system uses, and see 36 or so pages of prototype DVD interfaces that could have been, but weren’t...


Disc Four of the Alien Quadrilogy contains the Supplemental Material for “Aliens”. Go to the chapter marked “Post-Production”. When you’ve entered that chapter, you’ll notice a series of five (5) icons. Press the UP button and you’ll notice the second icon will be highlighted. Click on that icon and you will get the featurette entitled “A Boy and his Power-Loader”... it shows how a young man named Van Ling built his very own power-loader based on the movie and how it eventually got him a job working for James Cameron.

American Splendor

  1. A “Conversation” With Toby

    Go to the Special Features menu and just wait. It’s set up like a fast food drive-through with Toby in a car. It just sounds like the drive-through attendant trying to get Toby’s attention. However, after a while an actual “conversation” starts between the two using dialogue from the movie.

  2. DVD Credits

    Go to Special Features, highlight the “Play Movie” icon and click LEFT. You’ll then highlight the “sausage/onion/cheese” icon around the “HBO Films” feature. Select it to see the credits for the DVD itself.

  3. A Bit About Toby Radloff

    Again, highlight the “Play Movie” icon in Special Features. This time, click RIGHT. You’ll highlight the speaker. Select it for a short featurette on Toby Radloff, including footage of Toby and interviews with people who worked on the film and Harvey & Joyce.

  4. The Opening Sequence

    Go to Chapter Select. On the first page, you’ll be able to select the various chapters and there will be a big panel (it’s done like a comic book) with “American Splendor” that you can’t select right away. To highlight it, first highlight “Main Menu” and click DOWN. Select the panel and you’ll get a short featurette with animator John Kuramoto on the opening title sequence of the film.

  1. The Joy of Acting

    Again, go to Chapter Select. This time, keep on hitting next until you get to the screen where the End Credits are selectable. Looking at the bottom row of icons, you’ll see the last apparently selectable icon is “Main Menu.” However, if you highlight “Main Menu” and then click RIGHT, you’ll highlight an additional icon in the shape of the previous “Next” icons. Select it for a featurette on Hope Davis & Paul Giamatti cracking each other up on the set, including interviews with them and behind the scenes footage.

An American Werewolf in London

Select the Bonus features on the disc. Select Reccomendations. Go to the second page of movie posters. Push UP. A reel of film should light up underneath the Poster for “The Wolf Man”. Press ENTER.


John Malkovich’s coffee break: From the main menu go to special features. Then press left and an object near the top middle will be highlighted yellow. Press Enter.

Big Trouble in Little China


On the main menu, wait until after the Piston Cup rotates three times. A Dinoco symbol will appear on the lower right of the menu. Use your remote to select the symbol and you’ll be transported to a scene of McQueen and Mater at the drive-in watching themselves do a clip of “Boundin’”, the short Pixar did for the Incredibles.

Clerks II

  1. On disc 1, go to Special Features, then More. Select “Play Introduction To Film By Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier”, and move the selection to the right. Above the picture of Randal a thought bubble pops up with a hamburger in it. Hit ENTER, and Kevin Smith describes Askewniverse Bible.
  2. On disc 2, under “Blooper Reel” select “Play with introduction...” and move the selection to the right. A picture of Mooby should show up in the space between Dante and Randall. Hit ENTER for a black & white vignette showing some of the post-production crew “hard at work” at the office.
  3. On disc 2, go to “Train Wrecks: Video Production Diaries”, select “The Good, The Bad, and The Man”, and move the selection to the right. You’ll see a Mooby on Elias’ shoulder. Hit ENTER for “Clerkin’ Off”.

Dark City

The “Find Shell Beach” game on the Dark City DVD is very vague and difficult. Here’s how to finish it.

VOILA! You’re treated to a crummy little 15-second animated re-creation of the final battle of the film! Kind of a lot of work for such little payoff.


Donnie Darko

  1. First go to the Special Features menu, then choose “The Philosophy of Time Travel”. Once you have done so, continue to press RIGHT on your DVD remote until you come to the page titled “Appendix A” or the one with the human torso with a circle in the middle. Press UP on your controller to high-light the circle, and press ENTER. You’ll see a deleted scene.
  2. Return to the book, and go to the page titled “Appendix B” or the one with the skeleton and arrow. Press UP, and a black arrow will appear, press ENTER to see another trailer for the film.
  3. Go to the Special Features menu, and choose “Cunning Visions”, once in that section, high-light “Special Features” at the bottom of the screen. Now press RIGHT on your DVD remote and the small Cunning Visions logo will be high-lighted, press ENTER. You will now be taken to the Donnie Darko Website Gallery section, specifically to the Cunning Vision website home page.

On the main menu, move the cursor to “special features” then press right on the controller to watch a special deleted scene.

Note that when the rabbit head appears (in white during the scene - watch it and you’ll see) press enter to see yet another scene!

UK only? Egg: In the main menu, press down so “special features” is highlighted. Press right - either then press enter, or you will be taken straight to a scene the director didn’t want to shoot, but the producer made him. [This egg can also be got to by clicking on the rabbit mask’s right eye if you are using a PC]

Keep watching and it plays the scene again, this time with commentary. During the commentary a white Frank mask will appear in the bottom left corner. Press enter or click on it to go to another deleted scene with Donnie and Elizabeth carving pumpkins, followed again by a commentary version.

Egg: If you click on Patrick Swayze’s left eye in the Commentaries/Subtitles menu it leads you to a deleted scene, then if you select the Frank head in the commentary of that scene it leads to another.

Dumb and Dumber

Interviews: click (or hit [ENTER] on) the easter egg icons that appear:

  1. From the main menu, highlight “Special Features” and press [RIGHT].
  2. From the “Special Features” menu, highlight “Deleted Scenes” and press [UP].
  3. From the “Trailers” menu (inside “Special Features”), highlight “Dumb Trailer” and press [LEFT].
  4. From the Select a Scene menu, highlight “Scene 13: Gassing Up” and press [LEFT].

Minor menu bits:

Fight Club

Finding Nemo

The Incredibles

Insert the Disc 2 DVD into the DVD player with the TV on. Go to the main menu. At the main menu do not do anything, wait for 30 seconds. After a little time a small picture of the “Omnidroid” appears at the top right hand corner of the screen. Arrow up to select the “Omnidroid” and press Enter, a short clip will play. There are at least 15 clips hidden at virtually all of the submenus also, including set-up, deleted scenes etc. Some menus will play more than one clip, and is worth trying twice. I have not seen any with three though. To play the clips at the sub-menus select the sub-menu and follow the steps above.

Some of the clips are: a 4 minute production of the movie with sock puppets; shorts of Mr. Incredible, Dash, and Frozone; the artists messing around in the studio; a black and white animation of dash messing with the teacher and placing the tack on his chair; also some history clips to name a few.

The Iron Giant

  1. From the main menu select “Scene Selection”. Press UP and highlight the words “scene selection”. Behold the giant!
  2. From the main menu select “Special Features”. Press UP and ENTER to read a letter by writer Ted Hughes.
  3. From the main menu select “Special Features”. Select “Additional Special Features”. Press RIGHT and ENTER. Watch what happens when you smoke a pipe...
  4. From the main menu select “Special Features”. Select “Additional Special Features”. Select “Behind the Armor”. Press RIGHT and ENTER. Watch the dancing Giant!

Iron Man

On the first (feature film) disc, select “Special Features” and press ENTER. Select “Main Menu” and press LEFT button. A round symbol above “Main Menu” will appear. Press ENTER to see a clip with Stan Lee.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay’s Balls: a true pair of easter eggs. Enter Disk 2 into your DVD player, and go to Cast and Crew Filmographies. Select Jason Mewes. When his filmography pops up, press Up to select word “Balls” at the top of the screen. Press Enter. You are treated to a short clip of Jay and his... easter eggs.

L.A. Story

There are a lot of hidden interviews on this DVD:

  1. Main menu -- press the left direction button -- see an interview with director Mick Jackson.
  2. Special features -- press the left button -- see an interview with Steve Martin.
  3. Cast and crew -- Steve Martin page 1 -- press up -- see an interview with Victoria Tennant.
  4. Cast and crew -- Steve Martin page 2 -- press up -- see another interview with Mick Jackson.
  5. Cast and crew -- Steve Martin filmography, last page (writer) -- press up.
  6. Cast and crew -- Victoria Tennant page 1 -- press up.
  7. Cast & Crew -- Mick Jackson page 1 -- up arrow.

Logan’s Run

On the main Menu screen there is a picture of a hand with a crystal in the center of it. Pressing the right arrow key will highlight it. Press enter This will take you to a screen which explains the different colored crystals.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

On disc 1, go into the Scene Selection menu on disc one, go to the last page, and highlight chapter 30. Press down to reveal a ring. Press enter to see Gollum’s acceptance speech from the MTV movie awards.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

On discs 1 & 2, go into the Scene Selection menu on each disc one, go to the last page, and highlight the last chapter. Press down to reveal a ring. Press enter to see an interview with Elijah Woods (disc 1) and an interview from the MTV movie awards (disc 2).

Mad Max

  1. At the main menu on the feature film side of the DVD press [UP] repeatedly until the words “MAD MAX” appear at the top of the screen in big red letters, and press [ENTER]. You will be taken to another menu where you can get information about the different cars that appeared in the movie.
  2. While you are in the vehicle information menu described in #1 above, repeatedly press [LEFT] until the headlights on the cars illuminate in red. Press [ENTER] to see information about Goose’s motorcycle.

Man On the Moon

From the DVD menu go to Bonus Materials and then to Andy’s biography (“Andy”). As you scroll trough the pages you will see little pictures of Andy near the bottom of the screen. Use your remote to select these pictures and hit [Enter] and you will see clips of the real Andy Kaufman (6 clips total).


(Applies to the 2-disc Limited Edition, the "Psychiatric Report" version.)

To watch the movie in chronological order:

Monsters, Inc.

Pink Floyd The Wall


  1. Disc 1: a clip of director John McTiernan telling how he learned about film and filmmaking.
    • from the main menu, enter ‘Special Features’
    • highlight ‘Main Menu’
    • press ‘Left’; the crosshairs will appear
    • press ‘Enter’
  2. Disc 2: an interview clip called ‘Jesse’s ultimate goal,’ featuring Jesse Ventura.
    • from the main menu, highlight ‘Inside The Predator’
    • press ‘Up’; crosshairs appear at the top right
    • press ‘Enter’
  3. Disc 2: an interview clip with Stan Winston talking about a practical joke played on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • from the main menu, enter ‘Predator Special Effects’
    • highlight ‘Main Menu’
    • press ‘Left’; crosshairs apprear
    • press ‘Enter’
  4. Disc 2: a clip called ‘Don’t Drink the Water’.
    • from the main menu, enter ‘Photos’
    • highlight the first picture of Shane Black
    • press ‘Down’; crosshairs apprear
    • press ‘Enter’

The Princess Bride

From the main menu, simply arrow your cursor up from “Play”. It will go to the square-cut gem in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Press “OK” to go to a screen in which the major characters faces appear, and then select any one of them to hear one of their more memorable quotes. In addition, there are two more gems in the hidden screen; both of these are selectable, and play two additional quotes.

Repo Man

Go to the special features menu and click on the ignition key. When you press enter you will see a short film with the text of the repo code.

On the Repo Man DVD (either the version in the tin box or the regular one, they’re both the same) go to the “extras” menu, highlight “talent bios”, then press “up” on your remote. Part of the Malibu’s dashboard will be highlighted. Press “enter” and enjoy a short video explaining the Repo Man Code.

Spirited Away

This is on Disc 1. Go to the Special features, and press up until you see, in highlighted letters “Meet Hayao Miyazaki”. There it is!

Star Wars Trilogy

To access a blooper reel on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set, go to the “Video Game & Still Galleries” menu page on the bonus disc. Now, using your remote, enter 11 (some players may require you to use the 10+ key, followed by 1) and then press enter. Now press 3, and then enter. Finally, press 8 and then enter to complete the sequence (1138, as in George Lucas” THX-1138) and watch the bloopers.

The Terminator


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

(Extreme DVD)

Theatrical Version
Go to the main menu on disc one. Highlight sensory control and press your right arrow key five times. As you do this the future is not set will appear on your screen. Then you can watch the theatrical version of the film.
Hidden promo
Put disc two inside your DVD player, then proceed to the lower right option that is DVD-ROM features. Now press the left button on your controller, it should highlight to circuit board. Press Enter and be treated to an easter egg video of all the special features on the DVD.

V For Vendetta

On the second (special features) disk, choose “More”, then press [UP]. The cross-and-wings symbol at the top will be highlighted. Press [ENTER] for Natalie Portman’s SNL Digital Short.

Vanilla Sky

From the root menu select “Special Features”. Select “Photo Galleries”. The cursor begins at “Audio Introduction by Photographer Neal Preston”. Press the “up” button. The cursor lands on “Special Features”. Press the “right” button to illuminate a mask on the right hand side of the screen. Press “enter” and enjoy the outtakes.



Press the left arrow key in the main menu and you will highlight the Tic Tac Toe screen in the lower left corner. Press Enter and you will see a small scene of Joshua playing Tic Tac Toe.


From the main nenu and with the Play button highlighted, hit [LEFT] twice. A red star will light up in the lower left corner of the screen. Hit [ENTER], the game spinner will rotate and you will get an outtake from the film.